Our Approach

Flipping the model on travel sports.

Sailfish Swim School is a traveling swim school — a swim school that comes to you. With more and more time constraints placed on already-busy parents, there’s barely enough time for lessons, let alone commuting to them. Bringing our qualified swim instructors to the student’s homes or suitable pool location allows for comfortable familiarity for all students, and peace of mind for parents.

Our main teaching method for children is the use of guided play. Although we adhere to teaching specific swim skills that must be learned, our lesson programs are flexible, allowing students the freedom to explore, share ideas and build on them, without sticking to rigid time constraints during each lesson. We use fun songs and games to keep kids engaged, and provide a positive learning environment that inspires a love for swimming and reinforces our focus on water safety.

Read more about our approach as you explore our lesson descriptions.

You can have a pizza delivered, or you can have a swim lesson delivered.

Go with the one that can save a life.

Sailfish Swim School’s mission is to help every individual be safer in the water. Our instructors are vetted, certified and trained to instill healthy swim habits through fun, safe and engaging methods.