Who We Are

Sailfish Swim School is eager to change the swim lesson dynamic as we strive to embody our mission to help every individual be safer in the water.

Our mission, stated above, is what Sailfish Swim School is all about. We believe that water safety is a necessity for all people, especially those this close to the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans. Our Founder John, after spending several years of employment in swim lesson programs, grew disenchanted with the rigidity and inadequacy of the current lesson environment. Further research into other swim schools led him to the conclusion that all lessons followed the same general structure; every segment of the lesson was on a certain time schedule, there was no room for improvisation or customization, and instructors were not permitted to use their own judgment when teaching.

The main objective of Sailfish Swim School is to help everyone become safer in the water.

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Adult Lessons

Never had a swim lesson?
Are you afraid of the water?
Wish you had learned to swim?
Let Sailfish Swim School calm those fears!

We offer adult swim lessons for any age or experience level that cater to the needs of the individual student!

With water covering 71% of the Earth’s surface, every adult should, at the very least, be water safe. Give us a call and we can help you learn to swim, improve your strokes, and/or conquer your fear of the water.

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