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Let us come to you for private swimming lessons!

Sailfish Swim School is eager to change the swim lesson dynamic as we strive to embody our mission to help every individual be safer in the water.

We are a Swim School in the St. Petersburg, Raleigh, Los Angeles, and the San Fernando Valley areas. We offer travel lessons to your home or pool. We also offer swim lessons at our own pool in North Hollywood, CA!


Why us?

Sailfish Swim School was founded in 2015 as an alternative to the rigid, inflexible methods of the current swim school mentality. Although we adhere to teaching specific swim skills that must be learned, our lesson programs are flexible and custom-tailored to the needs of the student. There are four differentiating factors here at Sailfish Swim School:

We incorporate songs into each lesson to keep the younger students engaged.
Each student is granted a certain measure of control over the lesson flow, which allows for flexibility and developmental growth. For example, should they dislike a particular part of the lesson, they may choose to do that part last.
Unbinding time constraints on learning each skill during each lesson. For example, some students need more time learning the proper kicking technique, while others may need more time with jumping, or arm stroke.
Sailfish Swim School is a traveling swim school. With more and more time constraints on parents, traveling and lesson time just are not available. Bringing the instructors to the student’s homes or suitable pool location allows for comfortable familiarity for the students.

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Our Swimmers

  • We have been doing lessons for a "two week intensive", ending today, with my 4.5-year-old. She could swim pretty well for her age before this but has made amazing progress during these lessons. Her lessons have focused on safety (so important with young kids!), technique, and having fun! I love that fun is encouraged so swimming and water sports can become lifelong enjoyment. When my daughter has been a little nervous, she's been strongly encouraged and praised heavily. When she's made mistakes, she's still lifted up and encouraged; never brought down. Having them come to you is so wonderful. I highly recommend.
  • Adelle
    John is amazing with children. He was able to get my 2-year-old to trust him so quickly. His way of teaching with a mix of fun songs and a determined attitude is perfect with kids(and parents). John is not only a coach but a friend. We are so grateful he has given our son the gift of safety and love of swimming.