A swim school that comes to you.

Save time shuttling your kids around. Get private swim lessons without leaving home.

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If you’ve got kids in sports, you travel enough.

Sailfish is the swim school that comes to you, so there’s no need to pack up and get out the door. Certified, vetted swim instructors take a guided-play approach, so kids learn to swim in fun ways, with a focus on water safety and building confidence that parents love.

Every Child Should Learn to Swim

Studies have shown that when children are born, they have the ability to swim to some degree. As they grow older, this inclination deterioriates, so getting them in the water as soon as possible for swimming lessons builds on this natural ability.

Why Sailfish Swim School?

Unlike other swim schools, we don’t do levels. We adapt our lessons to each swimmer’s abilities.


Our Approach

Music boosts memory, and makes swimming classes fun! We incorporate fun songs into each swim lesson to keep younger students engaged. Each student is given a degree of control over the lesson flow, aiding in developmental growth. The kids don’t even realize they’re learning, because they’re having so much fun!

Customizable Lessons

At Sailfish, all swim lessons are modular. Whether you need swimming lessons for adults, or for your kids, every student is evaluated on day one to determine a starting point. You can also customize how you want to learn — through private swim lessons, back-to-back multi-student lessons, or a combination of both.

All Skill Levels

Students of all ages and skill start from where they’re at, with no time constraints on learning a specific skill during each lesson. Some swimmers need more time learning the proper kicking technique, while others may need more specific instructions on strokes.

We Come to You

Enjoy the ultimate convenience of not having to commute to lessons! A private swim instructor comes to you, so you can enjoy the comfortable familiarity of having your child learn from your home pool. We also offer private swim lessons for adults in your home.

Why We’re Trusted

Children Can Drown in Just 3 Inches of Water

Our swim lessons are designed to maximize the ability of the child and to help him/her explore their full potential. Children can drown in just 3 inches of water, which is why it is imperative they understand the dangers of the water and learn how to overcome them.