Get answers to your frequently asked questions below. If you have any additional questions, reach out.

1Are lessons year-round?
Yes! In our North Hollywood location, we have a heated pool that’s kept at 90 degrees year-round, or our swim instructors will come to your pool. Because our locations are in sunny climates, we can offer lessons year-round.
2What temperature is your pool?
Our pool in North Hollywood, Calif. (other pool locations to open in the near future), is kept at 90 degrees for maximum comfort. This is above the average pool temperature for typical swim lessons, because we believe water temperature should never been a reason that keeps kids from wanting to spend time in the water! We even heat the cement to 75 degrees.
3Do you offer a free trial lesson?
Yes! Your child can try out our swim instruction with a free trial lesson before deciding if our approach is right for you.
4Do you offer private swim lessons near me?
Win the following areas: St. Petersburg and Orlando, Fla.; Raleigh, N.C.; and Los Angeles and the San Fernando Valley, Calif. Swim lessons are provided at your home or another suitable location, and are offered year-round as long as the pool is heated. Our North Hollywood location offers onsite lessons. If you live in any of these areas, please contact us to schedule a swim lesson.
5What is the cost for registration?
Since these are not traditional group swim lessons, there is no registration fee. We charge monthly or per lesson depending on your program.
6Do you offer rewards for referrals?
We certainly do! We appreciate you spreading the word, so for every student who signs up because of your referral, you will receive a free swim lesson. Already enjoy our service? Refer a friend! When they enroll, you get rewarded with a free lesson. There's no limit to this promotion, refer away! From Now until April 1 2023 we are offering 10% off for each referral on an ongoing basis. So as long as they keep swimming you keep getting 10% off until April. 10 referrals is free lessons.
7How can kids learn better through guided play rather than traditional swim lessons?
All of the best learning occurs when students are unaware that they are actively learning. In other words, they learn best through play. Guided play, then, becomes a structured environment where students can express and expound upon their ideas. Instead of rigid rules and expectations, guided play allows students to grown organically. Having the freedom to explore and create encourages intrinsic learning, which will stick with students longer than a lecture or lesson. In this way, guided play is a better form of learning.
8Can my child make up missed lessons?
Absolutely. Our makeup policy at Sailfish allows for one makeup lesson for each day of the week that you swim.
9Which certifications do your instructors carry?
All Sailfish swim instructors are First Aid/CPR/AED (automated external defibrillator) certified, having received individualized training based on guidelines and updates from the American Heart Association. Sailfish swim instructors also receive sexual harassment training, mandated reporter training and undergo mandatory background checks. Our instructors are also trained in infant self-rescue, and many are lifeguard-certified.
10Can we combine our lessons with friends?
Yes, Sailfish is happy to offer mutli-student discounts. Gone are the days when you only save if you have multiple children in your family. We only require two or more students per location, so invite family, friends or neighbors along to combine their children’s lessons with yours, and save money for both families.

More than half of Americans can’t swim.